Self-check in virtual queue management system

Hospital Queues can be made virtual and tracked live with mPass, which helps reduce waiting times.

mPass is a virtual queue management system that helps in reducing the waiting time for customers in various service-oriented industries such as government agencies, hospitals, banks, and others. The system operates by allowing customers to join a virtual queue from their mobile devices, reducing the need for them to wait in physical lines. This is the reason why we improve the customer experience and increase efficiency for the service providers.

Live Token Tracker

Live Token Tracker

In digital media, patients’ journeys can view live token updates.

Digital Media Publicity

Digital Media Publicity

Display of short videos & doctors profile

Token Update Device

Token Update Device

An easy-to-use device for updating token list-related numbers, the token update device (TUD)

Track Token Number

Track Token Number

The Virtual Queue System allows you to track your token number wherever you are.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

By calling a phone number, a Virtual Receptionist can book a mPass for you.

Token Booking

Token Booking

From home, generate a mPass using WebApp and WhatsApp.

Token Booking Via QR Code

Token Booking Via QR Code

Through the scanning of a QR code, onsite mPass is available.

Onsite Kiosk

Onsite Kiosk

For token booking, there is an onsite mPass kiosk.


Exclusive Features of Virtual Queuing System

Enhanced Customer Experience

Experiences for customers that are improved

A live TV token tracker screen makes the experience feel like waiting in an airport lounge. Leaves a cool first impression on users' minds.

E-token Dispensing Device

E-token Dispensing Device

The hospital Token System is converted into an E-token generation device that can be operated in one step.

Reduced Staff Increased Productivity

Reduced Staff Increased Productivity

Hospital Queue management costs can be reduced and productivity and convenience are increased at the same time.

Best Virtual Queue Management System

Best Virtual Queue Management System

Using the great virtual queue management system, you can wait virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Supports multiple channels of booking token

Supports multiple channels of booking token

Reducing staff salaries through walk-ins, online apps, and IVRs through a complete 24/7 virtual queue solution.

Single step e-token real time refresh & live tracking of token

Single-step e-token real-time refresh & live tracking of token

The management of e-tokens is extremely simple.

Ease of integration of queue system

Ease of integration of queue system

It simplifies and streamlines the integration of clients' existing IT systems.

Ease of implementation

Ease of implementation

The configuration and definition of counters across multiple domains are extremely simple.

Touchless and Supports Social Distancing

Touchless and Supports Social Distancing

Supports crowd management and conform to the new normal.

Touchless and Supports Social Distancing

A virtual ticketing system

Customers can receive a virtual ticket or QR code that they can use to join the virtual queue with the help of the virtual queue system.

Touchless and Supports Social Distancing

User interface based on apps

The virtual queue system can be accessed through a mobile app, making it convenient for customers.

Touchless and Supports Social Distancing

Customization of the VMS to enhance the customer experience

The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of different service providers. Overall, mPass can help to streamline the virtual queue management system process and improve the customer experience for various service providers.

mPass Queuing Management Pricing

mPass Pricing

One time
hardware pricing

Depending on the type and range of hardware selected, a one-time hardware fee may range from 30k to 100k ( 375$ to 1250$).

mPass Pricing

Per Token Or
Average Monthly Pricing

It's cost per installation comes to approx 2 Rs ( 2.5 Cent ) per token on an average or alternatively for INR 7500 ($100) per month to INR 15000 ($200) per month per per installation up to five counters at one lobby.

When there are over 500 OPDs per day and seating arrangements are distributed across multiple locations, the initial hardware cost may be higher than discussed above. A centralized seating arrangement could reduce hardware costs.

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Solution for Corporate Virtual Queue Management System

A virtual queue management system is used to manage the waiting experiences of your customers. You can specify how your clients are managed in service zones using mPass's Virtual Queue Management System. Our virtual queue system is a network of connected modules that works together to give customers a tailored and touchless waiting experience.

Make Customer Visits More Simple

With our token update device virtual queue solution, we have everything planned out for you, from a customer's arrival at a service area until the customer's leaving. mPass has been revolutionizing how businesses design their services with our virtual queue app.

In order to map customers' journeys and improve customer experiences, mPass offers a cutting-edge Virtual Queue Management System (VMS) & takes a number of virtual queue solutions with modern design and a customized and standard, enterprise-level information system.

Virtual queue management system (VMS)

One of the most popular methods used by organizations to manage their waiting lines is a virtual queue system. Customers can virtually wait in line using a virtual queue app until a corporate representative calls them. By not physically being in the queue to be served, customers can wait for their turn wherever the service is being provided. This provides a number of benefits to both businesses as well as customers:

  • Cut down on customer stragglers
  • Centrally Administrable & Simple to Use
  • Enhances employee performance and retention
  • Reduces customer wait times and organizes the service area.
  • Enables effective client journey management
  • Shorter customer waiting times

Systems for virtual queuing up clients are a reliable technique to alter how you assist potential customers. By using an all-in-one virtual queue solution to manage human resources and personnel more efficiently, you may do away with the necessity for in-person visits and physical wait times.

mPass was created to address a widespread and fundamental human problem: "spending time in lines". We acknowledge that one of the main advantages of a virtual queue management system is the ability to save time. mPass is revolutionizing the way the world waits by putting into practice giving the practical virtual queue solution to the archaic tradition of waiting.

Safe queuing and social distancing can be used on the property when clients wait remotely. By displaying useful analytics, the virtual queue app enables customers to wait in queues virtually.

An electronic waiting line management system enables you to:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Management of consumer flow effectively
  • Boost productivity and efficiency among employees
  • Create a better client journey and experience

A Look at the Characteristics of a Virtual Queue Management System

Mobile Ticket Permit clients to use mPass for mobile virtual queue app. Customers can be in line before arrival and receive updates from the mobile ticketing system.

  • Communication Service
  • Remind the visitors of any updates and reminders related to their customer journey. Use the messaging feature to send appointment reminders, contactless tickets, and booking confirmations.

  • Booking online
  • Provide customers with the option to make appointments online. It enables them to schedule appointments and prevent walk-ins, which decreases waiting times and improves client satisfaction.

  • Reporting, intelligence, and business
  • Get real-time data for operational optimization, along with thorough reports and statistics, to enhance the services.

  • Giving out apps and checking in
  • Using the virtual queue app, you can increase employee mobility and ensure resource utilization. With all the information at their fingertips, mPass enables users to assist users efficiently and swiftly.

  • Online Consumer Feedback
  • Get customer input to improve the quality of your services. Following their visit, a convenient and easy online survey invitation will be given through a virtual queue management system.

How does a customer enter the digital line?

An identification, such as a physical ticket, a mobile ticket, or a virtual queue app, on the customer's phone secures their position in the virtual line. The identifier is frequently provided upon arrival, although it can also be given before making an appointment. No physical waiting line is required because the position in the line is secured.

How does a virtual queue app operate?

There are other ways for consumers to wait in line, but this is the most typical way with step-by-step instructions:

  • As the customer waits in line, they use their phone to scan a QR code that is posted on the building's exterior (for example, on the front door or on the window).
  • After selecting a service, a customer is given a mobile ticket.
  • Customers wait in line on the phone while waiting remotely. They can view real-time updates, their position in line, and the anticipated wait time before their turn.
  • When it's their turn, a staff member uses a mobile virtual queue app to call the customer.
  • Both the service's delivery and reception are done safely apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission mPass is about deleting queues from everywhere. Post 2021, queues experience will not be frustrating any more. The crowd will become virtual.

Whenever anyone sees lines, let the people know they don’t deserve to stand in queues. Request the authorities to use mPass virtual queue management system.

For Users: Saves lot of time of users / end customers and relieves them from the frustrations of queues.
For Organisations: Saves staff salaries in managing queues. It is estimated that one counter has potential of saving one man month salary per month because of virtual queue automation. In case, there are more counters, the saving potential multiplies many times.

Self managed do it your self version of single mPass installation is free for all kinds of counters/ places / Doctors OPDs etc.. In addition, all bookings of walk-in tokens are also free for end users. However support fees is chargeable at actuals for set up, in case support is required under different categories of installations. mPass is used to organise walk-in queue in most efficient manner with free walk-in self token generation by users themselves. The queues so generated can be tracked live on line. It is chargeable to those, who want to track a virtual queue live online and book tokens from the comfort of home, resulting in time saved, enhanced productivity, and frustrations of queues.

  • After scanning QR Code at onsite installations, user can book token from mPass walk in screen.

  • Users scan also book token in case of e-Token dispenser devices installed at counter.

  • Walk in token through mPass Schedule web app is presently free.

  • All above methods are self generation of tokens. User can also request the counter executive to book his or her token.

  • 24/7 Virtual Receptionist on phone number to book token under paid module.

  • User can access token booking link through whatsapp

In cases, when it is upgraded with single step e-token self help dispensing device or, and with Live token display on TV screen, it becomes chargeable at a nominal price of 3 cent or INR 2 per token chargeable to client ( not users). The Customisation cost will be at actuals, if any as applicable chargeable to the client/counter.

E token dispensing device is our primary offering .

Users can book token in single step with extreme simplicity by entering his phone number.

  • User gets a link with token number on his mobile as sms. User can track his token live using the link.

  • In addition user can track token using mPass schedule - a web app , besides TV display, if installed at the counter after opting for upgrade options.

Multiple counters in single organisation is paid module.

In matter of few minutes a counter can be up and running. Take a print of QR Code and place it at visible position so that users start generating tokens themselves.

mPass virtual queue app is not available on Google Play store. One can find mPass Schedule web app on This method of virtual queue app saving on your mobile does not consume any memory of the mobile device. One time single app link saved will help users find other multiple entities and counters, for which users can book token, whenever needed in future. Users, whenever sees crowds or queues can share the mPassT Now link with the authorities and ask them to install the mPass for the benefit of the common public. For doing so, users may get the credit , which can be used by users in booking online tokens.

Users can start using a free version of the Virtual Queue System which can be self-managed by users themselves without customization and limited Support.

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