Creating an Exceptional Visitor Experience with Visitor Tracking Software

In today's fast-paced world, visitor tracking software has become a necessary tool for businesses looking to enhance their visitors' experience. One such software that has been making waves in the market is mPass visitor tracking software. This software has been designed to streamline the visitor management process, making it more efficient, secure, and convenient for both the visitor and the host. In this blog post, you will delve into the features of mPass visitor tracking software and how to create an exceptional visitor experience to help businesses by providing visitor tracking solutions.

In the present era, visitors have come to expect seamless experiences at all touchpoints. Whether it is a retail store, corporate office, or healthcare facility, visitors expect to be welcomed, acknowledged, and guided throughout their visit. This is where mPass Visitor Tracking Software comes in, providing a comprehensive solution for managing visitors and creating exceptional experiences.

What is Visitor Tracking Software?

mPass provides visitor tracking software that is designed to simplify the visitor management process. The software is cloud-based and allows visitors to check-in and check-out quickly and easily. The software is also equipped with a host of features that help businesses track and manage their visitors' information, including their names, contact information, and purpose of visit.

Single step Check-In

1. Streamlining Visitor Sign-In

This feature simplifies the sign-in process for visitors by allowing them to easily enter their details using their mobile devices, web dashboards, or kiosks. With a fast scan of a QR code, visitors can securely submit their information and receive a digital visitor badge, enhancing the visitor experience and improving facility security.

Reception-free Automation and Self Check-In

2. Seamless and Automated Check-in without the requirement of a receptionist

With visitor tracking solutions, visitors can conveniently check in directly to offices, or employees can access corporate buildings without the assistance of receptionists. This streamlined process eliminates the need for a receptionist.

Touchless Attendance System

3. Keep a Record of Visitors’ Log with the Touchless Method:

The main aim of visitor tracking solutions is to keep an updated record of visitors’ check-in and check-out by offering a virtual system that avoids touching of the visitors.

visitor management system

4. Better Communication:

By using visitor tracking software, businesses can communicate with their visitors more effectively. They can also send automated notifications about upcoming appointments.

Go paperless

5. Virtual Movement Enhances to go Paperless:

Visitor Tracking Software sends real-time notifications and alerts to hosts virtually as the visitors check-in to the office premises. This eliminates the need for any physical copies or waiting periods.


6. Customized Visitor Tracking Solutions

You can engage and connect with your users through visitor tracking solutions. We have customized the application to reflect your company's branding and make it visually appealing.

Cloud based

7. Cloud-based Visitor Tracking Solutions

With visitor tracking solutions, you can access it from any location and at any time. Multiple locations can be managed and deployed easily with visitor management software.


8. Safe and Secured System

At mPass, we value security above everything else. Our visitor tracking Solutions ensure that your facility remains safe and compliant with all necessary regulations.


Key Features of mPass Online Visitor Tracking Software

free visitor management system

Streamlining the Check-In Process with Pre-generated Visitor Pass:

mPass provides visitor tracking software that sends alerts to the front desk along with the security staff about the arrival of visitors. You need to enter your credentials, like name, verified phone number, and scheduled arrival time, into the visitor tracking software. With our unique visitor tracking solutions, we will notify your visitors about their visitor passes and also provide directions to reach the host.

online visitor management system

Notify about the meeting schedule

With visitor tracking solutions, you will be notified that the meeting has over. This helps in preventing trespassing on your property. The conference log has also been updated automatically when your meeting with the host has been concluded.

visitors management system

Authorized Passes for Employee Officials

Visitor tracking software implements visitor tracking solutions like an authorized pass feature for employee officials. This feature helps employees to check-in to the organization safely without the hassle of repeatedly registering for a specific validity.

visitors management system

Authenticating Phone Number

mPass visitor tracking solutions authenticate each phone number by sending an OTP on the entered number. This verifies the authenticity of visitors, and it supports international numbers also.

free visitor management software

Secure Data Storage

The software stores visitor information in a secure database that is only accessible to authorized personnel. This ensures that visitor information is kept confidential and complies with data protection regulations.

free visitor management system

Integration with Other Systems

mPass visitor tracking software can be integrated with other systems, such as access control systems and CCTV cameras. This allows businesses to keep a close eye on their visitors' movements and ensures that only authorized visitors are granted access to restricted areas.

visitor management systems

Customizable Visitor Badges

The visitor tracking solutions allow businesses to create customizable visitor badges that include the visitor's name, photo, and purpose of visit. This makes it easy for employees to identify visitors and ensures that visitors are easily recognized throughout the organization's premises.

visitor management systems

Analytics and Reports

mPass visitor tracking software provides businesses with analytics and reports that help them understand visitor patterns, including list-related numbers of visitors, peak hours, and specific departments. This information can be used to optimize the visitor experience and improve the efficiency of the business's operations.

visitor management systems

Real-Time Notifications Through Multiple Channels

mPass visitor tracking software sends real-time notifications to the host when visitors arrive, making it easy for them to meet the visitor and commence the meeting. The software also sends notifications when visitors check-out, ensuring that the host knows when the visitor has left the premises.

Segments of Visitor Tracking Software

Capture photo

Captures your Photo

With the mPass Kiosk visitor tracking software, you can keep a record of your visitors' photos, which enhances security by clearly identifying visitors who have checked in to your premises.

Request pass

Send a Request for a Visitor pass

With the mPass visitor tracking solutions, visitors can submit a prior request for a visitor pass or instantly through the mPass Kiosk. Once the host approves the visitor's request through the mPass app or the web dashboard, the visitor can easily check-in to the organization.

calendar integration

Streamlined Check-In Process

With visitor tracking software, visitors can check in quickly and easily. They can use a self-service kiosk or log in through a mobile app, eliminating the need for a manual sign-in process. This software not only saves time but also ensures that visitors feel welcomed and valued.

Powerful web dashboard

Effective Web Dashboard or Kiosk

Visitor tracking software is a web-based software that enables you to access your visitors’ records anywhere and anytime. You can also track the live location of your visitors on the premises.

Customize kiosk and visitor process

Customizable mPass Kiosk

mPass kiosk or visitor tracking solutions are customizable as per the requirements and needs of your organization. This will help you to market your brand and build a positive impression among your visitors.

Track visitors belongings

Tracks belongings of visitors

Visitor tracking software keeps a record of the essential belongings that your visitors are carrying on the office premises. Such belongings include phones, laptops, official documents, tablets, and more. This helps in reducing the risk of getting theft and misplaced and also cross check them when the visitors check-out from the premises.

How Visitor Tracking Software Can Help Create an Exceptional Visitor Experience

Creating an exceptional visitor experience is essential for any organization that wants to build positive relationships with its guests. With mPass Visitor Tracking Software, organizations can provide a streamlined and personalized check-in process, improve overall security, and gain valuable insights into visitor behaviour. There are several ways in which mPass can help create an exceptional visitor experience.

Who Can Benefit from mPass Visitor Tracking Software?

Any organization that receives a significant in-flow of visitors can benefit from mPass Visitor Tracking Software to manage, track, and analyze visitor data for security, safety, and operational purposes. Visitor Tracking Software offered by mPass can benefit a wide range of organizations, including:

mPass Pricing

Touchless Digital Visitor Register


  • Ideal for small/medium organization
  • QR code based entry
  • No more queue
  • Digital Visitor Register

Touchless + Kiosk based Visitor Management

Per Month per Site

  • Ideal for 50 Check-Ins /day avg
  • 24 months cloud data backup
  • One Kiosk at 1 Location
  • All standard features

Touchless Visitor Management & Attendance System with Facial Recognition

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  • Ideal for small to large org
  • contactless biometric attendance system
  • Attendance + Visitor Management
  • Visitors, Contractors, Staff, Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

mPass visitor tracking software is the best software solution that enables organizations to track visitors in their premises, such as office buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, and other facilities. The software captures visitor information, including name, contact details, the purpose of the visit, and time of entry and exit.

The visitor tracking software works by using an electronic sign-in process, where visitors are required to register their details before being allowed entry into any organization. Visitors can either enter their details manually or use an automated check-in process using their mobile devices. The software captures the visitor's information and stores it in a secure database for later retrieval and analysis.

The benefits of using mPass visitor tracking solutions include improved security, enhanced visitor experience, streamlined visitor management, and better data analytics. The visitor tracking software provides real-time visibility of visitor activity, allowing organizations to identify and respond quickly to potential security risks.

Yes, mPass visitor tracking software is secure. The software is designed with multiple layers of security, including encryption, firewalls, and access controls, to ensure that visitor data is protected from unauthorized access or theft.

Yes, visitor tracking solutions provided by mPass can be customized to suit the specific needs of the organizations. The software is highly configurable, allowing organizations to tailor the visitor registration process to meet their unique requirements. You will receive tips and tricks on the process of using this software.

Any organization that has a need to track visitors and provide them seamless check-in and check-out experience can benefit from using mPass visitor tracking software. This includes office buildings, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, and more.

User can start using free version of " Digital Register", which can be self managed by users, themselves without customization and limited Support.

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