Experience Next Generation Self Managed Visitor Management System.

Organisations may control guests using a safe cloud-based platform with cloud-based visitor management systems. Traditional visitors management system no longer require on-site hardware and incur lower maintenance, and IT costs by using this kind of software.

Increased security, streamlined check-in procedures, real-time visitor tracking, improved visitor experience, compliance and reporting, better data management, and cost savings are some of the advantages that mPass' visitors management system can provide organisations. With mPass visitors management system integrated into your calendar application, you can view all your visitor appointments and schedules in one place, giving you better visibility and control over your day. By automating the visitor check-in process and integrating it with your calendar application, you can improve efficiency and reduce time and resources through the visitors management system. Organisations may increase their productivity and give visitors a better overall experience by automating the guest registration process through effective visitor management systems. You can virtually wait from the convenience of your home by utilizing the best visitors management system. Businesses can now manage visitors with ease with the help of great visitor management systems, even when they are outside of their premises, giving them considerable flexibility and convenience.

Single step Check-In

1. Single-step login

Just a single-step login is provided by the Visitor management system in India. Visitors receive a seamless check-in experience with the visitors management system.

Reception-free Automation and Self Check-In

2. Free Automated and self-service check-in without a receptionist

Visitors can log in directly to offices, and employees can log in directly to corporates through the visitors management system, eliminating the need for receptionists.

Touchless Attendance System

3. Attendance system with the touchless operation:

As a result, we developed an Online Visitor Management System that does not require touching. Especially after the covid-19, we virtually avoid touching as there is a risk of infection.

visitor management system

4. Using AI to move seamlessly and check in:

In VMS Visitor Management Systems, artificial intelligence allows seamless movement and check-in.

Go paperless

5. Take the paperless route:

When visitors check-in through the visitor management systems, hosts receive instant alerts and notifications. There is no need to wait for any hard copy.


6. Customizable

Engage users and keep them connected with the help of the visitors management system. Make the application aesthetically pleasing based on the branding of your company.

Cloud based

7. Cloud based

Access the visitors management system from anywhere, anytime. Multiple locations can be deployed and managed easily!


8. Secured

We place a high priority on security! Your facility will remain safe and compliant with regulations with mPass visitor management systems.


Exclusive Features of Online Visitor Management System

free visitor management system

A visitor pass that has been generated in advance:

The visitors management system reduces the check-in procedure's time by 90%.
mPass offers a visitors management system that informs the front desk and the security staff of all the guests. Enter the visitor's name, phone number, and anticipated arrival time into the mPass app or web-based visitor management systems. We'll inform visitors of their visitor passes and provide venue directions.

online visitor management system

The meeting has ended.

Don't let anyone wander off.
Use the mPass meeting over the r tool to prevent trespassing on your property. Simply indicate that the meeting is concluded via the mPass visitor management system app, and we'll let your front office and protection staff know about it. We'll also update your conference log through the visitors management system.

visitors management system

Pass Authorized

Because not every visitor has permitted access
Visitors management system introduces your builders, domestic workers, vendors, etc., to the Authorized Pass feature, which enables them to check in safely without the trouble of repeatedly enrolling with a predetermined validity. It also enables you to control their punctuality.

visitors management system

Verifying Mobile Number

With mPass mobile number verification
Every mobile number is verified by mPass’s visitors management system using a six-digit encrypted OTP as the first required step for any visitor. This functionality of the visitor management systems supports each international number.

free visitor management software

Hosted Response

The visitor management systems are designed to supply complete data security.
If your organization's policies forbid cloud data sharing, mPass Hosted solution enables you to preserve all of your employee’s and visitors’ data on your servers.

free visitor management system

NDA signature

Your standards, your choice!
Get your visitors to sign your terms and conditions after clearly outlining them in front of them on the display screen of the visitors management system. You can also display health and safety procedures or illustrations showing how to evacuate during a fire on visitor management systems’ kiosks.

visitor management systems

Pass in print

Immediately pass, grab a print!
You can rapidly print visitor passes for your guests through the mPass visitors management system app, kiosk, or web dashboard. Your printed pass can be personalized with the design and layout of your choice through the visitor management system.

visitor management systems

Communication in Both Directions

Not only do your staff receive visitor management system messages. Messages can also be returned to visitors by them. Consider the scenario where a worker is late for a client meeting. The employee can quickly send a note back to the mobile once the visitor checks in to let them know they will be there shortly with the functionality given by the visitors management system.

visitor management systems

Notifications Through Multiple Channels

The visitor management system automatically notifies the person that a visitor is coming to see when they arrive at the workplace. Notifications can be sent through email or text message using the mPass visitors management system app. This enables each contact inside your business to select their preferred notification channel or channels.

Module of VMS Visitor Management System

Capture photo

Capture photo

Keep a record of your visitor’s photo with the mPass Kiosk visitors management system app, enhancing security by clearly identifying people who checked-in to your premise.

Request pass

Request Pass

The feature allows visitors to submit a prior request for a visitor pass through the mPass visitors management system app or instantly via mPass Kiosk. The visitor can then check-in easily once his/her request gets approved from the host through mPass app or the web dashboard.

calendar integration

ID Verification Module

This module verifies the identity of the visitor using various methods such as ID scanning or facial recognition. This helps to ensure that only authorized visitors are allowed on the premises.

Powerful web dashboard

Powerful web dashboard

Access your visitor’s log books over the web. Get detailed visitor reporting along with live tracking of perspective as well as checked-in visitor. Allow check-ins, manage your visitor’s data with utmost ease.

Customize kiosk and visitor process

Customize kiosk and visitor process

With mPass, market your brand to visitors by customizing your mPass kiosk at the time of establishing mPass.

Track visitors belongings

Track visitors belongings

Reduce theft and misplaced objects by keeping record of everything your visitor is carrying like laptop, tablets, phones and alike. And cross check them at the time of their check-out.

What is the operation of a visitor management system?

A digital visitor management system has the advantage of improving office efficiency and saving your employees’ time. Using a visitors management system will streamline your visitor check-in procedure for both your visitors and your front desk administrators. A visitors management system functions as follows:

Step 1: Welcome your guest

The information you require before the visit of your visitor will be automatically sent to your host through email and notification by your visitor management systems. This could include a map of your place of employment and a link that shows the updated token number of your scheduled meeting.

Step 2: Visitors should experience a seamless check-in experience

Your visitors can experience a seamless check-in with their verified mobile numbers or on mPass kiosks. When your visitors arrive at your office premise, they need to fill in their essential information related to their names, mobile numbers, and pictures to be printed on the badge.

Step 3: Ensure your office security

You can be sure that everyone on site is authorized since your visitor management systems will automatically check visitors against block lists, watchlists, and invalid IDs.

Step 4: The hosts are informed about their visitor

The appropriate employee is automatically informed by the visitor management systems that their visitor has arrived.

Everything required to make guests feel welcome

1. Maintain workplace safety

You should always be aware of the visitor entering your office premises and the reason for their visits. Traditionally, the receptionist is the first person from whom each person start communication and take permission for appointments. This method is useful when there is less inflow of visitors. mPass visitors management system is required when the receptionist is unable to provide a seamless experience in checking in the visitors. At this point in time, visitors develop a negative impression of the brand image of your business. Due to this, the mPass visitor management systems are of utmost importance to experience visitors a seamless check-in and check-out. You can ensure everyone's safety within your office by only allowing visitors who have authorization through the secure visitor management systems.

2. Save the time of your employees

Printing and filling paper documents, making badges by hand, or finding personnel when guests arrive are no longer necessary. mPass reduced the hectic form filling by the visitors, along with waiting in long queues to meet the hosts in the offices. This visitor management system sends information automatically, offers a seamless check-in to the visitors, and notifies hosts when they come. Due to this, you can save the time of your employees in managing visitors and utilize their valuable time in making your business successful.

3. Simplify approvals and rejections

Establish clear requirements for visitors to fulfil in order to gain access to your area. Simply select the level of access you would like them to have to the building directly in mPass, and we will provide them access to your area with the appropriate permissions.

4. Operations at a global scale

You can monitor locations, deploy to new sites, and standardize your operations with the use of the centralized visitor management systems. Provide consistently outstanding first impressions across all locations while enhancing the experience of each visitor.

5. Enhance your brand image

mPass makes it simple to bring your brand experience to life in your office premise after all the hard work you put into creating it. You can display your company's branding on all visitor emails, visitor badges, and the tablet at your front desk.

Benefits of a mPass visitor management system 1. Contactless check-in

With mPass, visitors can check in using their own mobile devices, along with check-in kiosks, and reduce transmission of infectious diseases by ensuring social distancing.

2. Real-time notifications

The system can provide real-time notifications to hosts when their visitors arrive, ensuring that they can be promptly received and attended to by the hosts.

3. Pre-registration

mPass allows visitors to pre-register before their visit, making the check-in process even faster and smoother.

4. Customization

Customization of the system is possible to match the branding and requirements of the organization, providing a more personalized experience for visitors.

5. Data analytics

The system can generate data analytics and reports on visitor traffic and activity, providing valuable insights for security and facility management.

6. Reduced staffing costs

The system's self-service functionality can reduce the need for dedicated personnel like receptionists to manage visitor registration and check-in, potentially saving on staffing costs.

7. Enhanced security

The system can provide enhanced security features such as ID scanning and photo capture, ensuring that only authorized visitors are allowed into a building or facility.

mPass can improve the visitor experience, reduce the burden on staff, and enhance security and efficiency in managing visitors.

mPass Pricing

Touchless Digital Visitor Register


  • Ideal for small/medium organization
  • QR code based entry
  • No more queue
  • Digital Visitor Register

Touchless + Kiosk based Visitor Management

Per Month per Site

  • Ideal for 50 Check-Ins /day avg
  • 24 months cloud data backup
  • One Kiosk at 1 Location
  • All standard features

Touchless Visitor Management & Attendance System with Facial Recognition

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  • Ideal for small to large org
  • contactless biometric attendance system
  • Attendance + Visitor Management
  • Visitors, Contractors, Staff, Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get started with visitor management systems for Free is to Download a QR code, paste it on your security gate/reception, and you're done. Your touchless Visitor Management Systems is live and secure. Visitor’s will check-in digitally. No more pen, paper required.

You can have total control over your Visitor Management Systems. Access Visitor logs from anywhere, anytime through the visitors management system. The best part is visitor management systems are fully customizable and super fast synchronization of information.

We use world's best Microsoft, Amazon and Google Cloud Servers for your data. Each and every piece of information gets synced with your visitor management systems in the blink of an eye to the world’s fastest servers.

No Issues! Our smart front desk Tablet or visitors management system saves information in Offline mode and can be Synced with Servers at any time of your convenience without any data loss.

Visitors can receive a link on their mobile phones through text messages with the help of visitor management systems. In that link, you will get your token number. With the effective functionality of visitor management systems, visitors can track their token numbers with the help of the link or mPass schedule in the organisation.

User can start using free version of " Digital Register", which can be self managed by users, themselves without customization and limited Support.

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