How to Create a Seamless Visitor Check-in Experience?

Visitor Check in Experience

The first impression that a visitor has on the office premise is his check-in. You need to adapt essential tips to enhance your check-in system and make it seamless for your visitors. Advanced check-in experience helps the visitors to develop a positive impression of your office. mPass kiosk or web dashboard makes the best visitor check in system a seamless process along with enhancing the security of your office premises. It replaces the paper-based registration of your visitors with an easily accessible digital interface. In this blog post, you will find some of the processes that will create a seamless visitor check in software free experience.

Some processes to create a seamless visitor check-in experience

  • Visitor’s Photo for Future Reference

In the Best Free Visitor Check in Software, the use of artificial intelligence provides a seamless check-in experience to the visitors that visit your office even for the first time. We value the time of our visitors and hence, implement a virtual mPass Kiosk system. Due to these tricks, visitors do not have to wait for long for their turn to get entry into the office. This best visitor check in software takes the paperless route to notify the employees that a visitor has checked in to meet them up in the office. They will receive instant notifications or alerts without waiting for hard copies. We implement a free check-in system with limitless visitor entries and mitigate the need for receptionists in the offices. This software captures the photo of your visitors to keep their records. This enhances the security of your office, and you can easily identify who has checked in on your office premises.

The sign-in sheet, a piece of paper typically maintained on a clipboard or in a binder at the front desk, is the archaic version of a visitor control system. Visitor should record their name, the person they are coming to see, and the time when they arrive. The front desk employee then informs the host that their visitor is waiting in the lobby. A new sign-in sheet for the next 10 or so guests emerges on the clipboard when the previous one is eventually filed away or destroyed. It is not a very effective visitor management method (and certainly not environmentally friendly). But it functions as long as you don’t require a visitor log that can be easily searched, visitor images, or ID badges. Additionally, as long as you’re okay with paying someone to work the front desk all day in case a package or guest shows up.

Feld invented the whole product category of iPad-based visitor management systems with that one straightforward concept. The market has since taken off. Today, visitor management systems are installed in workplaces all around the world to protect those who work “in the line of fire” from interruptions. Organizations of all types are recognizing the advantages of visitor management, from IT corporations to legal firms, industrial and engineering facilities, to schools.

  • mPass Kiosk

Our visitors experience an automated service with mPass Kiosk that gives them a seamless check-in. This is the best visitor check in process system that tracks the movement of your visitors and also guides them on what to do next after getting authorization for check-in. The host gets all the notifications about the visitor, and the visitor log is updated automatically each time he enters the office. This kiosk automatically prints the badges for the visitors with their photos on them. mPass Kiosk proves to be a great reflection of the innovation your brand is implementing in your office.

  • Automatic Advance Pass Generation

Automatic authorization of allowing visitors into your office reduces the check-in time to a great extent. At the time you enter your credentials, such as name, arrival time, phone number, and the employee for whom you have arrived in the visitor check in app, the security staff will get an alert of the visitor’s entry or their list-related numbers into the office premise. The staff of your office does not need to enter their credentials each time to get entrance into the office. The authorized pass feature enables them to have a seamless check-in process. mPass meeting pass enables you to prevent trespassing from visitors. This feature notifies the security staff that the meeting has ended between your host and visitor.

  • Efficient Web Dashboard

Office owners think of how to make the working of the dashboard efficient over the web. You can easily access the information of the visitors with the mPass Kiosk. With this, you will get a detailed report of the visitor along with its live location on your premises. You can easily manage the visitor’s data from anywhere and at any time.

Integration of mPass with the employee standard calendar helps in generating passes for your visitors in advance. This feature helps visitors to grab an entry pass at the time of their check-in without any security check when their meeting is scheduled. Web dashboard or mPass kiosk prints visitor passes rapidly and also updates their log books on the cloud. The printed pass of your office can be designed as per the choice of your layout.

  • Tracking of Visitors’ Belongings through the Top Visitor Checkin Software

The kiosk, also known as the visitor check in system, holds all the information of the visitors, like what they have carried with them and why there is a need to carry such products. With such information, you can mitigate the risk of theft on the office premises. Misplaced objects such as laptops, phones, tablets, and other things can also find out easily with a mPass kiosk. You can cross-check all the information related to the objects at the time of check-out of visitors. As a result of a visitor check in, a high-security feature compliant with mPass to safeguard the objects of visitors.

The requirement of having someone at the front desk all the time is another productivity barrier. Going without a reception is not an option for many businesses. However, it doesn’t follow that your front desk staff’s only duties are to welcome guests and take phone calls. There are numerous ways in which the traditional receptionist role has evolved.

Today’s typical receptionist tasks include the following:

  • Enhancing corporate identity
  • Providing customers with a satisfying and unforgettable experience
  • Greeting visitors as a host
  • Providing first-line help for technical difficulties and assisting visitors with office technology
  • Plan events and prepare conference spaces.
  • The provision of concierge services

No corporation can afford to have its staff operating at a 20% disadvantage in today’s cutthroat business environment. You require the quickest and most effective work from your staff members. They need to be able to concentrate for that to happen.

visitor management systems

Brand Image is a benefit of visitor management systems

The brand image of a corporation is the focus of the final significant collection of advantages. A visitor management system specifically aids in making a great first impression and ensuring that the brand image you have is the one you desire.

A visitor management system also improves the reputation of your business. Your company’s brand image is how the public perceives it. And because it has such a big impact on your bottom line, it is really significant. According to studies, buyers are more likely to make purchases from businesses they believe to be trustworthy. The difficulty with brand image is that you cannot completely control it. However, you may influence it by the decisions you take.

You can, for instance, convey the idea that you care about the environment by sponsoring green activities. Your brand image is influenced by your office technologies as well. Customers frequently mention that a visitor management system improves the perception of their brand. That is the primary reason why many of them opt to adopt a guest management system. Consider your reaction if you entered the office of a technology business and were required to sign in on a paper sign-in sheet. Who in a technological business still utilises paper sign-in sheets, you might wonder. You might doubt their technological aptitude.

Digital visitor management tools like mPass Kiosk are replacing traditional visitor management tools like binders, pens, and paper in businesses today.

The essential function of checking guests in is handled by a digital visitor management system. But it can also perform a number of tasks that a pen and paper cannot, including:

  • Maintain a visitor log on the cloud
  • Take pictures of your guests so you can recognize them.
  • Create visitor ID badges with your company’s branding on them.
  • Obtain signatures for legal documents such as NDAs.
  • Accept deliveries from courier services such as UPS, FedEx, and others.
  • When visitors arrive, send SMS, email, and Slack notifications Enable two-way conversation between staff and guests
  • Accept food delivery and drop-offs of documents
  • Give directions to guests

A visitor management system boosts office productivity, improves office security, and improves your company’s reputation.

  • Office security is one benefit of visitor management systems:

Office security is the focus of the following group of advantages. A visitor management system for office, in particular, aids in overcoming difficulties with information security, visitor privacy, emergency evacuation plans, and legal compliance.

  • Information Protection:

Do you handle private documents at work? intangible property? Industry secrets? Would you want someone to accidentally walk into your workplace and learn the trade secrets of your business? Obviously not. Your office security is greatly influenced by your lobby. That includes safeguarding the data belonging to your business. A visitor management system can also be useful. Here are three examples of the reasons we hear from businesses for using visitor management systems for schools. Do any of these rings a bell?

  • Imagine the following case:

You practice intellectual property law and spend nearly the whole day working with secret documents. Your receptionist isn’t at the front desk, and you don’t have a visitor management system. While you are speaking with a different client on the phone, your 2:00 appointment shows up 10 minutes early. Your 2:00 just goes into your office without any method of alerting you that she is there, overhearing some of your chat, and potentially seeing some of the intellectual property of the other customer.

  • How about this example:

At your company’s headquarters, 300 people work. Since you are actively growing, new faces are added on a monthly basis. You do not currently have a visitor management system or a means of providing visitor ID badges. You can never be certain of the status of the people you see wandering around as a result. You find out one day that a senior VP’s laptop had some private information stolen from it. How would you even start to track down the perpetrator? Even the list of visitors to your office that day is missing from your records. Your new software product is set to be released by your software company. To assist you in getting ready for the big day, you employ a number of consultants. You’ve been working hard to keep it a secret since you know your rivals want to get the inside scoop.

At the front desk’s paper sign-in sheet, however, you later find the name of a rival. You discover with horror that all of the consultants you engaged have their names on the same page. The opposition is now aware of your collaborations. And although while they might not yet be fully informed, they’re getting closer to finding out your plans. All of these tales contain some element of truth. How Safe Is Your Office, too? Also, how a visitor management system might be useful.

  • Visitor Privacy:

Hopefully, your business prioritizes client privacy at the top of the list. But have you considered how a readily accessible visitor log can put them in danger? This is a worry that we’ve heard from a lot of clients, especially those who work in professions like law and finance where confidentiality is crucial. Some of your clients might not want other people to know they came to see you. Additionally, you must respect their right to privacy.

What a Visitor Management System Should Contain

There are numerous tourist management programmes available. Additionally, while they all carry out the fundamental duty of checking in guests, they vary in the features and capabilities they offer. Based on the feedback from our consumers, these are seven of the most important qualities to look for:

  • Personalized check-in procedure

There are probably several kinds of visitors who come to your establishment; not all of them require a different check-in procedure. For instance, you might wish to record the name, business, email address, and phone number of a general visitor. A contract and a badge may also be required of them. However, if a courier is delivering a paper, you likely only need to know their name and employer. You may tailor the reception experience to each visitor by using a personalised check-in process.

  • Notifications Through Many Channels

The visitor management system automatically notifies the person a visitor is coming to see when they arrive at the workplace. Notifications can be sent through email, text message, or Slack using the mPass Kiosk app. This enables each contact inside your business to select their preferred notification channel or channels.

  • Communication that is two-way

Not only do your staff receive visitor management system messages. Messages can also be returned to visitors by them. Consider the scenario where a worker is late for a client meeting. The employee can quickly send a note back to the iPad once the client checks in to let them know they will be there shortly.

  • Forwarding Of Message

There are instances when a visitor’s main contact is unavailable. Someone else may receive a notification in this situation. Additionally, a third person can be informed if the secondary contact is unavailable (perhaps because they are out to lunch together). You won’t leave any visitors waiting with the limitless possibilities for backup notifications.

  • Digital visitor counter

Let’s face it, nobody ever reviews the paper visitor logs or spends the time entering the information into a spreadsheet. However, businesses employ digital visitor logs for a variety of objectives, including exporting lists of attendees to specific events and tracking visitors for security reasons. For instance, mPass Kiosk uses its visitor record to make invoicing easier. Some people use it to keep track of pick-ups and deliveries.

  • Logo Printing

One of the most frequently searched-for features is badge printing. Visitor badges increase security by allowing you to quickly identify who is in your office. For different kinds of visitors, some of our clients print different kinds of badges.


mPass maximizes the brand image of its customers by delighting its visitors with the seamless and trouble-free check-in process. It entertains your visitors with a user-friendly interface so that they will receive a favorable check-in experience with empathy.


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