Top Virtual Queue Management Software to pick in 2023

Queue Management System

Customers are the backbone of business irrespective of the industry. Without a loyal base of customers, you cannot imagine succeeding in the competitive market. In online business, you must incorporate an effective virtual queue system. It reduces the waiting time and boosts the queue experience of your customers. How to approach your customers while they wait in a queue? Effective management of the virtual queue becomes possible with the best queue management system. In this blog post, you will find the top virtual software for queue management.

About Queue Management System

Before you learn about managing a queue, you must try to know the virtual queue meaning. It refers to the customers waiting online to get their services from a brand or online platform. If your online website expects traffic, you must take action to treat your visitors fairly and improve their wait-time experience. Installing a virtual queue management system can make it possible to serve customers in the correct order.

By installing the best virtual queue app, you can manage the waiting period of the customers from the start to the end. The queue management solutions can boost customer flow and improve their time on your website. You can access various types of virtual queuing systems in the market. You can become confused about the best one to buy. Here is a list-related number of the top ones you can try.

#1 Qmatic: The Virtual Queue System for Customer Satisfaction

You can decrease actual and perceived wait times, entertain customers, and boost employee productivity and efficiency with Qmatic Cloud Solutions.

The cloud-based Customer Journey Management and Queue Management software known as Qmatic Cloud Solutions looks after your guests from the time they make an appointment through their arrival and check-in to their service and feedback. It also serves as a platform to enhance the consumer experience.

#2 mPass: An Effective Virtual Queue Management System

Our visitors experience an automated service with mPass Kiosk that gives them a seamless check-in. This is the best visitor management system in India that tracks the movement of your visitors and also guides them on what to do next after getting authorization for check-in. The host gets all the notifications about the visitor, and the visitor log is updated automatically each time he enters the office. This kiosk automatically prints the badges for the visitors with their photos on them. mPass Kiosk proves to be a great reflection of the innovation your brand is implementing in your office.

 #3 Qminder: Personalized Cloud-Based Queue Management System

The cloud-based virtual queue solution can help your customers feel cherished when they wait in the queue. This system allows tips for remote queue up of customers using their phones. They can also get text message notifications. You can use the data provided by the customers during the self-check-in digital queue to offer customized services.

 #4 Qtrac: Leading Queue Management System

With the help of the virtual queuing system Qtrac, consumers can wait for assistance without having to physically stand in a line. A QR code on a sign, an SMS text, or an email can be used to check-in.

#5 Qwaiting: Cloud-Based Queue Management Solution

A cloud-based queue management tool is called Qwaiting. Our virtual queuing solutions improve customer satisfaction while boosting efficiency, profitability, and security. In this software, customers can wait remotely for their turn after receiving check-in using their phones.

 #6 Qudini

With regard to hardware, Qudini provides a cloud-based software program that works with your in-branch kiosks, TV sets, iPads, and other gadgets. Through Qudini, your banking clients may subscribe to a virtual queue and receive real-time updates through text messages and mobile phones.

#7 Wavetec Queue Management Software

This queue management solution can decrease client wait times, enhance waiting line management, and boost sales. The excessive waiting and queuing issue, which are important contributors to customer abandoning at banks, hospitals, and other governmental organizations, is resolved by Wavetec’s virtual queuing system.

#8 QLess

Software for scheduling appointments and managing lines is a specialty of QLess. Instead of waiting in a busy lobby, customers can utilize queue management software to wait anywhere they choose, such as at home or at the office. Customers first sign up for an online virtual queue disney. As customers advance through the line, they receive timely information and a projection of their wait time.

#9 VirtuaQ

By allowing customers to queue virtually, track their place in the queue, and visit the store closest to them, virtual queuing encourages social isolation by removing wait times.

#10 Q-nomy: Optimizing patient journey

Q-nomy refers to the virtual queue software allowing effective communication with patients to ensure a satisfying customer experience. The virtual queue system allows patients to reach doctors to get answers to their queries and concerns. It aids in building a good relationship with the patients using the virtual queue management software.


mPass maximizes the brand image of its customers by delighting its visitors with the seamless and trouble-free check-in process. This is why it entertains your visitors with a user-friendly interface so that they will receive a favourable check-in experience with empathy.



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